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Web Based Automation

Entering 1000's of rows of data into a web database solution takes up time that could be used for completing other tasks. By having an automation solution that Texas Integrated Services takes care of, businesses cut costs and will migrate data to almost any solution. Also stay in control by cracking down on distributors and competitors who damage your brand.

Software testing is an essential phase of software development life cycle. Today many software applications are written as web based application that runs in an Internet Browser. The economic relevance of web based application increases the importance of controlling and improving its quality. The quality assurance of a system depends upon automation testing that decreases the test cost and increases work efficiency.  A variety of web based systems and applications are tested by automation testing tools. The automation testing script is used in test automation. To choose the best tool for a task, various issues like ease of integration should be considered and weighed against the cost and performance. Also the tool needs to be compatible with the design and implementation of an application. Texas Integrated Services has had more than 20 years in building custom testing solutions.