How does your experience influence your personal security practices? | Texas Integrated Services

How does your experience influence your personal security practices?

I think one of the challenges for new cyber security professionals is as you're getting into this field you start to realize all of the possible things that can go wrong. There are just so many threats out there, and there are so many different ways that security can be jeopardized that you really start to get this paranoid attitude that everybody's out to get you, and if you don't do everything exactly right the world is going to end, and eventually you develop a little wisdom and maturity that comes with time, and you realize that you can't live your life that way, and you really have to introduce reasonableness to it, and just like you would in your business, it's all about risk, and it's about risk assessment and risk management, and when you think about analyzing a risk you have to look at two different things, you look at the probability of that risk occurring and the impact if the risk actually does occur, and if either one of those things is relatively low it's not that critical that you address that risk.

It's when something's a high risk that has high impact and high probability that you really want to think about the situation. Now, that said, I can't say that the habits I've developed as a security professional don't sometimes drive the people around me nuts, like I have an incredibly complex password on the WiFi in my house because I want to make sure that's protected, and it's a little difficult for the members of my family to remember that long password, and especially to share it with guests when they come to our home, so sometimes you have those little quirks as a security professional that drive the people around you just a little bit crazy.