How secure is cloud computing? | Texas Integrated Services

How secure is cloud computing?

The world is shifting towards cloud computing and it's clear that the cloud is the future of information technology. The great thing is is there's no reason that the cloud can't be secure. And in fact, in many ways, we can find cloud services where security controls actually far exceed what we're currently doing in on-premise situations, or even what we're capable of doing. Take physical security as an example. Many, many organizations run their own data centers today, and if you look at how those run and if you look at the physical security controls around them, they're typically protected with card readers, maybe some biometric access controls, maybe a few security cameras.

Compare that type of situation to the data centers that are run by major cloud providers. If you look at what Amazon and Google and Microsoft are doing, they run their data centers like fortresses, with 24/7 security guards and roving patrols and cameras and barbed wire and the types of controls that we could never even possibly dream of, because on the scale of a single organization, putting those controls in place just simply isn't practical. So that's one example of a place where operating in the cloud can actually really enhance our security controls.