What’s the appeal of working in cybersecurity? | Texas Integrated Services

What’s the appeal of working in cybersecurity?

I think the great thing about security is that it's a field where you can have an immediate impact on the business. Protecting information is really critical in this day and age. Information has just become so important to us, and there's so many ways that things can go wrong. And security is like a puzzle. You're playing defense, and you're trying to make sure that you've put all the controls in place that are going to prevent something bad from happening. And the threats that are out to get you are changing all the time.

And you have to make sure that the controls that you've put in place are evolving to meet those new threats. So it's a challenge that never ends. And it's a field where you can just learn so much because it touches every other discipline of information technology. So to be a good security professional, you have to have an amazing breadth of knowledge. It doesn't necessarily have to be very deep, but you have to understand how storage works, how networks function, how a database works. You might find yourself looking at packets on a network one day and digging into the commands that a web application is sending to a database the next day.

So you have to have this breadth of knowledge across the entire field of IT, and you just learn something new every single day in security.