What are entry-level security positions like? | Texas Integrated Services

What are entry-level security positions like?

A cyber security professional usually begins his or her career more on the technical side of things. It's pretty rare for someone to come into the field and begin on the consulting side. And that's really important, because what it does is allows someone to start building a base of knowledge that's going to serve as the foundation for the rest of their career. Typically a cyber security professional just starting out will do things like log monitoring and analysis, and some of the other deeply technical parts of the field, where you're really getting hands-on and rolling up your sleeves, dealing with the data, trying to figure out what's going on on the network, and that helps build really important skills, because you learn to put together differences sources of information and figure out the role that different security technologies play in an organization's infrastructure.

So during that time that someone's in their first position, they really should be thinking about how everything works and really making sure that they have that solid base.