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What career opportunities exist in cybersecurity?

So there are really three different ways you can move in your career in security. If you go down the technical route, there are many sub-disciplines of information security that you can explore. Forensics analysts can get involved in all sort of investigations, either on the law enforcement side working for the government, or an internal group within an organization that's just looking at internal investigations and incident response, and those sorts of things. You can also get involved in becoming a security architect, figuring out whenever you're designing new systems, networks, whatever it might be, how to make sure that security is a key design element from the very beginning of that project and make sure that it permeates the rest of the project.

It works much better when security is designed as an architectural consideration instead of trying to be bolted on afterwards, it just doesn't work well that way. So those are some of the more technical things you can do. On the consulting side, there's a lot of roles both within organizations, and with consulting firms. You could be a security consultant and travel around the world quite a bit, work with different clients, and projects every week and have a really deep specialty in one particular area where knowledge is sought out. Or, you could be an internal consultant and help different business functions within the organization to figure out how to incorporate security into the different efforts that they're engaging in.

Then the last career track, and this is usually for people who have a few years of informational security under their belt, is going into management. You can become a team lead within a security organization and manage a team of security professionals working in one particular area. Or eventually maybe move on to become a chief information security officer and have responsibility for security across the entire organization. And one of the things we've seen is information security specialists actually moving into more scener roles within the IT organization.

Security really does cross all the different areas of IT and that forms a really great basis for someone to potentially move on and become a senior IT leader, or even a chief information officer.