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Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click Advertising and describes how Paid Ads work on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and Bing when people are searching for something. Each time a user clicks an ad, the advertiser pays a fee. The cost of the click is calculated by a real-time auction that happens every time a search is made. This is a very complex and competitive space and our Analysts take care of all the details for you in order to maximize your investment.

We start by creating a custom keyword list of core terms relevant to your business. From there, we will build a complete list of 100-1000 words and organize theme into campaign and ad group structures. We also use advanced strategies targeting your ads to only appear to customers in certain locations or a set of locations that you decide. This ensures your advertising dollars are not being wasted.

We use targeted ads to direct traffic to your website's home page or to more specific landing pages in order to generate the greatest return from traffic. To do this, we craft compelling ad copy that matches your website in order to attract those who are likely to become your customer, while filtering out those who are unlikely to make a purchase.

We create professionally written ads using a "start to test" strategy. In order to improve the quality of your ads, we continually optimize both the ads and the pages on your site using terms that people are actively searching for. We then continually test the ads' titles, descriptions and extensions in order to create the highest performing ad for the lowest cost per click.