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Bittrex Automation Trading


Update: If you do not make over 0.50 in BTC then we will match your loss. So far all of are Beta testers have received their investment back.

Sneak peak:

Price: $900.00

Bring swift to the class room


Bring Swift into the classroom with this collection of lesson plans, presentations, and Xcode projects to lead students through experiential learning.

Join the Swift Education community to access all materials, including Xcode projects, lesson plans and presentations.

Price: $199.00

Web Automation Classes


Have you ever wondered how to build custom programs to automate tasks? Let us teach you on how to automate the tasks you have loved to hate.

Price: $1,499.00

Twitter Research and Automation Tweets


Letting us research your company and tweet 8000 unique tweets to your account will bring in more customers resulting in higher sales or brand awareness. We will get started today and your tweets will be going out in a manner of hours.
We will create custom tweets with our marketing department after researching your product or services.
Your tweets will automate every 89 minutes. Watch your followers increase by the thousands.

Price: $20.00