Companies raising capital through Pre-IPO

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Forbidden Shelf: Marriage Conference and Blog With marriage on blink we are building a support team around the world to get couples inline with their creator and focus on what is important and what matters. We are looking for funding to hire a few key staff for our venture and to start getting the word out to the masses. View Company Information
65+ Million Business Shares

We are selling 65 Million Shares to raise capital to grow our company.

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Bitcoin Investment Community

Raised over $5 million, our community has helped us rebuild out site to include revenue from advertising, mining pools, and building a decentral crypto exchange.

We offered 1 million shares to our customer. Since BTC is over $60000 at the time of posting, we believed our valuations was fare based on our knowledge and leadership we will provide. Our IPO, based on the price of cryptocurrency, will be priced over $35. According to our future guidance. 

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Raising Capital to Expand Handyman Website

Building a community of Handymen and women together to raise the bar on services. Raising money on building our IT team and call center to help out home owners and renters not to worry about their living condition. Our site is at

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