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James Henderson

20 Years Computer Science Developer with PHP, .Net and Angular Experience Houston, TX 77095


Experienced enterprise integration architect with over twenty years of progressive experience and a solid track record of success on more than twelve enterprise software development projects. Possesses core competencies in: planning and leading commerce systems integration projects; defining layered, distributed, service-oriented enterprise architectures. My methods in completing projects are due to my military disciplined, agile programming and lean software development methodologies in organizations. Experienced in object-oriented design and programming, development with XML and web services technologies and software requirements elicitation and development on the Open Source and Microsoft platforms. Highly effective at creating project vision, articulating strategy, building consensus, mentoring, and facilitating communication.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer.

Work Experience

Developer/Consultant Problem Solver

Texas Integrated Services - Houston, TX

May 2007 to Present

Contracted to work on various projects. Implemented an agile development process with a few developers of varying experience/skill levels, and mentored junior developers in new technologies. Some of my projects were building real time solution in back up tension lines and BOP solutions. Latest project included working in Azure with a PI AF API connection, .NET 4.5.1 and Angular 7 to build a real time web system to analyze multiple systems.

Technologies: C#, JAVA, C++, ASP.NET, PI Data Archive, PI Web API, PI Connectors, PI Vision, APTIFY, Laravel 5, PHP, ROR, MS SQL, PostSQL, MySQL, Angular, jQuery,WINDOWS 2003, 2010 SERVER, ORACLE, FREEBSD, VMWare Server, Workstations, EXSI 5, WireCast, Video Production
High Frequency Crypto Currency Developer

Malairte Bitcoin LLC - Houston, TX

August 2015 to January 2019

Malairte Bitcoin LLC

Owner, Self Starter and Developer

Malairte Bitcoin LLC is a cryptocurrency analysis and research platform designed to offers transparent information on each cryptocurrency and effectively support your investment decisions. Developing the

High-Frequency Trading Service was Bittrex Exchange's first fully automated trading system. • Built a quant trading system for 5 different Bitcoin Exchanges • Implement different API's into different algorithms to run 24 / 7 • Built custom security mods in C++ to add to the Apache Server Technologies: PHP 7.X, CURL, CSS 3,Vue.js, Angular.js, Laravel 5, MySQL. PostGRESQL, Ubuntu, LintMinux

Texas Integrated Services in Houston, Texas
PHP Programmer

XO Communication - Dallas, TX March 2007 to April 2007

Contract PHP Enterprise Developer

XO Communication, Dallas, TX

Reason for Leaving: Contracted Ended

Served as a contract PHP Enterprise Developer for a web applications and services for XO

Communication. Total redesign of a corporate management level custom review report. Worked with the executive staff to gather there requirements and wants. Worked in a solo environment on a Sun Box w/ Solaris 2.9 64bit. Oracle 10g, PHP5 • Integrated w/ Net Alert, Net Cool, Help Desk • Total rewrite database schema • Total rewrite flowchart • OOD Documentation

Technologies: PHP 5, Zend, Oracle 10g, Solaris 9, LDAP, SMS Gateway, Extreme Programming, Google API, SMTP, POP3, OOP
PHP Programmer

Noridian - Fargo, ND

September 2006 to November 2006

Contract PHP Enterprise Developer, Noridian in Fargo, ND

Reason for Leaving: Contracted Ended

Served as a contract PHP Enterprise Developer for a web applications and services for Noridian. Total redesign of a corporate management level custom review report. Worked with the executive staff to gather their requirements and wants. Worked in a solo environment on a Red Hat Enterprise platform, PHP 4.3 / Postgresql Platform.

• Medical Security Health Compliance • Total rewrite database schema • Total rewrite flowchart • Documentation


The call center staff needed to input their work activities and time taken to perform each activity. When they have finished updating their list of work activities, their superiors had to approve it. The system will then generate data for these employees and their superiors can see the individual work contribution to the company in terms of: 1. The list of activities that they perform, 2. The time taken for them to perform each activity, 3. Their priority in terms of time given to each activity, 4. Their core activities based on their time distribution, and 5. The financial impact of each activity to the organization.

6. The training required to perform better 7. The re-engineering required to assist the individual to perform better

Technologies: PHP 4, Zend, Postgresql, Red Hat, LDAP, Extreme Programming
PHP Programmer

Progress Rail - Albertville, AL

May 2006 to September 2006

Contract PHP Enterprise Developer, Progress Rail in Albertville, Al.

Reason for Leaving: Contracted Ended

Served as a PHP programmer for Progress Rail. Implemented and extended the functionality of the corporation customer web site. Worked with the project manager one on one to understand and develop the wanted functionality of the program. The project was ahead of time with no delays for the timely release. Worked in an eXtreme Programming team environment on and Oracle 9i database and a Red Hat Enterprise platform, PHP 4 / Apache 2.1 Platform, CVS.

• Program Analyses and database design • PHP Programmer 4 functionality • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance • Update OOP functionality • Documentation


Additional product functionality that needed to be implemented to the corporate product due to public purchase of Caterpillar under the Sarbane Oxley rules.

Technologies: Sarbane Oxley, eXtreme Programming, PHP 4, Apache 2.1, CVS, Red Hat, CVS, Zend
E-5 Programmer

US Coast Guard 2003 to 2006

Camp Kodiak

IT Director for Mary's Hair Accounting

Mary's Accounting Firm - Houston, TX

May 2001 to May 2003

Reason for Leaving: Company Down Size

Served as an IT Director for Mary's Accounting group. Improved business processes and supported critical business strategies by directing the development, implementation, and maintenance of business applications systems. Formulated business systems architecture plans, estimates costs, and ensures projects meet strategic needs. Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures in the accounting world. Relied on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals to support a successful implementation. Successfully implemented an agile development process with many developers of varying experience/skill levels, and mentored junior developers in new technologies. Performs a variety of tasks. Leads and directed the work of others. • Technical project leadership in Data Mining/Data Warehousing applications • Team building, resource allocation and personnel management • Budget allocation and reporting • Project tracking • Interface with Marketing and Sales business partners


Every system was a customized product due to the environment that the company was already involved with.

Technologies: Apache 2.X, IIS 5, 6, PHP 5, PHP 4, AJAX, Java 2, HTML, SOAP, Tomcat, JBOSS, Oracle

Database 10, 9, 8, MySQL 5, 4, Cold Fusion 5, 4, VBScript and Java Script. Platforms: Windows 2000

Advance Server, Windows 2003 Enterprise, Windows XP, 2000 Workstation, 98, Exchange 2003, Oracle Database 10i, SQL 2000 - 2003, CRM (custom project written in PHP, MySQL 5, 4), LDAP Server, WAP Server (Exchange eMail), OWL, Dot Net 2002, ASP, C#, VB.
JSP / Java Programmer

McData - Broomfield, CO

October 2000 to May 2001

Reason for Leaving: Dot Com Stock went to 140 => 0.20

Served as a Java Programmer/Analyst: Perform system analysis and programming activities associated with designing, developing, and maintaining complex business applications on the web. Work in a project/team (XP) environment to design, code, test, implement, and maintain production applications. Developing, testing, implementing and maintaining web-based applications. Experienced using Java, HTML, Oracle, People Soft, Cold Fusion and Java Script. Company downsized due to stock prices. Company was bought out by Brocade Inc.
Cold Fusion Developer / Product Manager


March 2000 to October 2000

Technologies: Java 1.3, ELB's, J2EE, Oracle 8, People Soft5.6, Cold Fusion 4.5, Java Script, Solaris 7, Vignette Technologies

Cold Fusion Developer / Product Manager for Hostworks: 3/2000 - 10/2000, Cold Fusion Developer / Product Manager

Project Manager / Cold Fusion / VB 6 Developer

Quarks, Hostworks, Buchanan Associates - Denver, CO

January 2000 to October 2000

Buchanan and Associates, Denver, Co.

Reason for Leaving: Contracted Ended

Served as a Product Manager / Cold Fusion Developer for Buchanan and Associates. Served as a Cold Fusion Developer for Hostworks to designed and developed online purchase & sale order processing ecommerce web applications for enterprises. Successfully implemented an agile development process on a team of five developers of varying experience/skill levels, and mentored junior developers in new technologies.

Senior Consultant • Planned and managed projects to schedule.
Increased Sales by 40% • Increase productivity over 30% • Built e-commerce applications to meshwith client wishes and company structure.

Technologies: Consultant, Sales, eXtreme Programming, VB6, Cold Fusion 4.5, MsSQL 2000, IIS 4

Computer Science Degree in computer engineering

University of Houston Dec - Houston, TX

Military Service
Service Country: United States

Rank: E-5

US Coast Guard 2003 to 2006

Camp Kodiak

August 1993 to August 1997 It was a blast as a 13-B

United States Army 1997 to 1997

Leadership Training

Ft. Sill, Ft. Carson, Ft. Bliss, Ft. Hood, Ft. Peterson

Microsoft Products:
2003 Enterprise,
2000 Work Station,
2000, 2008 R2 Server
ISA Server
Exchange 2003, 2000
Virtual Desktop

MS Language:
VB 6.0
Visual Interdev

Linux Platform:
Solaris 10, 9
Red Hat
LDAP Server
Open Source:
Ruby on Rails
SMS Gateway
Google API

Product Servers:
Aptify E-Commerce
Apache 2.X
IIS 4, 5, 6, 7
People Soft 5.6
Fast CGI
PHP 4, 5, 7
Laravel 5
Weblogic 6.0
Vignette Technologies
Cold Fusion 4.5, 4.0
Macromedia Products
Oracle Databases
Postgresql 8, 7
MySQL 5, 4
VMWARE Server, Workstation
Squirrel Mail
VMWare Server, Workstation, Exsi 5

Adobe Products:
Photoshop 7,CS5
After Effects
Premier Pro